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These are just a few of the questions that parents have brought to our attention. If you don't find the answer your'e looking for please call or send us an email and we will answer it as soon as possible. Thank you again for your support and allowing us to teach our form of martial arts to your child. 

  • Does Taekwondo help kids who are not behaving?
    Yes,Self-control is essential to the study of martial arts, and our students learn that they must be the masters of their actions and emotions.
  • Will my kids want to fight more if they learn Taekwondo?
    No. Taekwondo has its roots in self-defense, but we teach children that violence is not the answer to their problems. We teach more about self respect, family and good values and morals that they can apply to everyday life.
  • Does my child have to be good at sports to be good at Taekwondo?
    Some kids who come to us are resistant at first, but Taekwondo is both fun and active. Many kids think that Taekwondo is cool and that can help them stick with it even if it’s hard at first.
  • What skills will my child learn to help themselves do better in school?
    Taekwondo training teaches focus, discipline, self-control, and respect. These traits help children let go of petty grievances and learn to pay attention to the things that are most important to their future success.
  • Will my child get hurt if they are not coordinated?
    No. Master Kang and his staff are experienced working with children of all abilities and ages. Your child will learn at a pace that is comfortable for them, and in environment that puts their physical safety first.
  • Can Taekwondo help my child have faith in their abilities ?
    Yes. Kids who study Taekwondo learn that hard and persistent work pays off. Each small success helps children believe in themselves and have faith they can achieve their next goal.
  • How does my child earn belts?
    Master Kang has developed an industry standard testing for each level your child is at. Your child is tested for flexibility, balance, memory, technique and even how he/she is behaving at home and school. All is taught during training. Special awards and certificates are also sometimes awarded for special achievements. This all helps the child keep motivated to be the best that they can be.
  • How does Taekwondo teach respect?
    Master Kang uses a basic understanding of how certain chores are actually well respected in the eyes of Taekwondo. For instance, eating your vegetables, listening to parents and helping at home are awarded at San Antonio Taekwondo. This, along with fun things like jump rope, breaking boards and games makes the child feel like they are part of a team. A team of good kids that work together to gain self respect.


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